Questions to Ask When Touring Venues

Jan 1, 2023 | Planning Tips

This is such an exciting time for you and your partner! Now it’s time to start touring the venues you have been dreaming about.. but, before you go, here are few questions you should ask when you’re on your tour.

These are a few questions to ask prior to scheduling a venue tour. This is a great way to see if the venue fits within your budget, your guest count, and desired date. Typically, the venue contact will ask you these questions when you inquire with them as well, but they are great to ask so you can either schedule a tour or pass.

Is my ideal wedding date available? Are there other dates close to my ideal date? Do you have a waiting list for dates? What is your guest count minimum and maximum? What are your rates? Do you have different rates for different days of the week or for the different seasons? Are other events occurring on the same day or is my event the only one that day?

Now that you have answers to those screening questions, here a few questions to ask during your venue tour. How far in advance can I reserve my date? How many hours are included in the rental of space? How early can we arrive? How late can we stay? How much is the deposit? What is included in the total? Does it cover gratuity, service charges, cleaning fees, or are those added fees? What is your cancellation policy? Do you have a list of approved or recommended vendors? Can we bring in our own vendors? What guidelines do they need to meet? Do they need insurance? Is the venue handicap accessible? Are there noise restrictions? How many restrooms are there? Will we need to rent additional restrooms? Is there parking on-site? Is it free or will guests be charged? How many spaces are there? Do you allow overnight parking? What time do vehicles need to be picked up the next morning? Do you have your own sound equipment, or will our vendor need to bring their own? What is your backup plan for rain or bad weather? Are there any décor restrictions? What time can vendors arrive for set-up? When do they need to be clean-up by? Do you have an in-house caterer? If yes, are their fees included in the venue rental fee? Do we have to choose from a list a pre-approved caterers or can we hire our own? Do you have a food and beverage minimum? Do you have any liquor restrictions? Can we bring our own liquor onto the property? Is there a corkage or service fee?

These are questions that the venue’s site coordinator will (or should) tell you about on your tour or in the information packet but, it is always good to come prepared just in case!

Don’t forget to take down notes and take photos of the venue!