Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking a Wedding Venue

May 17, 2023

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important choices you have to make during the wedding planning process. It is important to find a venue that fits your aesthetic and budget. It can be overwhelming for couples to find the perfect wedding venue in the midst of all other wedding decisions. As a result, things often get overlooked and mistakes are made. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are 5 common mistakes people make when booking a wedding venue:

1. Not Making An Appointment 

We know you are excited and want to see the venue as soon as you are engaged, but please make an appointment prior to coming. Making an appointment means you have the venue coordinator’s undivided attention. By scheduling a time with the coordinator, you will be able to learn in-depth about the wedding venue, pricing, and you will be able to ask all the questions you want. If you just show up unannounced, you risk not being able to get a tour if the coordinator is busy with another couple. 

2. Being Unorganized

Oftentimes, newly engaged couples will inquire/tour dozens of wedding venues, which can be overwhelming if you are unorganized. Staying organized is crucial in planning your wedding, especially when trying to keep track of the venues. Keeping a pros and cons list about the venue is very helpful, as is keeping the paperwork the coordinator gives you. Taking your own photos and videos at the venue will help you keep things straight, as well. You want to make sure the wedding venue you love is the correct one, as venues can blend together when you are seeing multiple in a day. Bring a notebook on your tour so you can jot down notes and any questions/answers!

3. Not Looking at the Whole Picture

It can be easy to automatically rule out a wedding venue if you only focus on one aspect, like the price or date. Instead of focusing on one aspect, look at the whole picture. Does the venue have a bigger price tag, but include a multitude of extras that other venues don’t? Does the venue have a great relationship with specific vendors? Does the venue have amazing reviews? These are all things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding venue. 

4. Thinking the Venue Coordinator is a Wedding Planner

The wedding venue coordinator is not your wedding planner. The venue coordinator is an employee of the venue and is there to help you with any venue-related questions or concerns you may have. The venue coordinator is the one giving you a tour, sharing pricing and vendor information, helping make sure your layout is requested, helping secure a bathroom attendant, and so much more. A wedding planner is an “employee” of the couple, and is the one guiding you through all stages of your wedding planning. A wedding planner helps with all contracts, vendor coordination, rehearsal and wedding day prep, and more. 

5. Picking a Venue That Doesn’t Fit Your Style

Don’t pick your wedding venue based on what other people are doing. Every venue is unique, and there is bound to be one that perfectly fits your own unique style and taste. Just because rustic barns are trending, doesn’t mean you have to try to make your style fit that trend. This is your wedding day, so make it YOU! Pick a venue that fits your vibe and vision! That’s why weddings are so special – each couple makes it unique to them!

Avoiding these common mistakes will prove invaluable to your wedding planning process. Good luck on your search for the perfect wedding venue! We hope to see you while touring our own venue, Rancho de las Palmas. Call 805-529-6699 to make an an appointment to tour our facility today!