Why You Should Use a Wedding Venue’s Preferred Vendor List

Nov 6, 2023

Finding vendors for your wedding or corporate event can be stressful and overwhelming but never fear because the preferred vendor list is here to save the day!

What is a Preferred Vendor List?

Venues have a preferred vendor list which includes a variety of vendors across most categories; photographers, caterers, videographers, make-up and hair artists, bakeries, transportation, DJs, photo-booths, and more. These are trusted, reliable, vendors that have provided services to previous customers at the venue multiple times and are experts when it comes to the venue. The vendors know the time it takes for them to set-up, they know the best photo locations, they know their way around the venue kitchen, and so much more.

Why Do We Recommend Specific Vendors?

Often times, by selecting a vendor off the preferred vendor list, the vendors have already worked together previously which only adds to the success of your day. When vendors have a preexisting working relationship, they are in-sync with one another and know the best way to work together to serve you best.

Preferred vendors means there is less stress on you throughout the day because you know the professionals are handling everything and know the venue like the back of their hand. With every venue having their own set of rules and guidelines, preferred vendors already know the way of the venue and how to make your experience even better!

Our Preferred Vendors

Rancho de las Palmas prides itself on having incredible preferred vendors and we are so thankful for the amazing vendors that people come to know and love. We are happy to provide you a list when you book your big day with us!