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Mark and Debi cassar
Mark & Debi

It all started in 1986 when Robert and his brother Mark Cassar bought side-by-side properties in Moorpark. When deciding to build out and landscape their properties, Mark had a passion for jumping horses and built his dream equestrian center. Robert just wanted a private oasis that made him feel like he was in a tropical paradise. The two brothers set out to build their dreams.

A few years after Robert built his oasis, friends asked if they could get married in his backyard…and so…the wedding venue had its first wedding.  Since everyone told him how beautiful his backyard would be for weddings, he decided to turn his quiet little oasis into a dream wedding venue. Shortly after the first wedding, Robert met a bride-to-be, Laura, who was looking for a wedding venue and was also interested in becoming a wedding coordinator. Well, not only did he provide the place for Laura’s wedding, but he hired her to market, coordinate, and grow this new wedding venue —Rancho de las Palmas, where one wedding led into hundreds of magical weddings over the past 30 years.

In 2009, Robert decided that he wanted the real tropical paradise and sold his property to his brother and sister-n-law, Mark and Debi Cassar, and moved to Hawaii. Excited by the opportunity of building a venue that provided a space that everyone felt welcomed, beauty surrounded, and customers were pleased beyond expectation, Mark and Debi began working toward a vision that would make Rancho de las Palmas a little slice of paradise where every customer or guest would feel the magic. We hope that you will take the time to tour our property and see for yourself.